Not So Healthy Diet Foods

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Are you thinking about embarking on a diet before summer? Every year, we seem to go through the same thing at the London escorts agency that I work for in Greenwich. All of a sudden, come the end of April, the girls at the agency become desperate to lose weight. I can imagine the same thing that takes place at London escorts right across the British capital. Of course, we all want to look great for summer, and slip into that little red bikini comfortably. But, which is the best way to lose weight

Are All Diet Foods Healthy?

It is easy to change your shopping habits and rush out to buy so-called healthy diet foods. In the spring, British supermarkets along with other stores such as Boots and Superdrug, start selling diet-friendly foods. Just like other girls, London escorts fall for the sales pitch and rush out to invest their hard-earned pennies in diet foods. But, are all of these foods healthy? I am sure that if my London escorts spent some more time reading the packaging they would be amazed.

Are Low Fat Foods Healthy?

Yes, London escorts fall for low-fat foods as much as other girls do. The supermarkets are packed with low-fat foods and it is not only London escorts who love to buy them. You can say easily say that around springtime, low-fat foods become the latest “must-have”. But, are they really that healthy? The truth is that many of these foods are packed with sugar. It may not be called sugar on the label, but to make them taste, they may have sugar added. Check out that low-fat yogurt you are about to buy and you may just be surprised.

What About Swapping Bread For Rice Cakes?

Last year, one of my best friends at our London escorts, decided she would swap bread for rice cakes. It sounded like a great idea on the surface of it, but did it really help her to lose weight. When she stepped on the scales a week later, she found that she had not really lost that much weight. Rice cakes may be retailed as a low-fat and carbohydrate neutral to bread but they are not. Rice is actually packed with carbs.

What should I eat to lose weight? A better idea would be to focus on foods that help you to feel full for longer. That includes fruit, vegetables and cold-water fish. All of these foods can help you to lose weight when you eat them correctly. Cutting back on certain carbs may help. As a matter of fact, the London escorts who have replaced ordinary potatoes with sweet potatoes have managed to keep the weight off. Spring dieting is okay, but the truth is that not all diet foods are healthy foods.

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